What is an Ice Bong? | metierwholesale.com

What is an Ice Bong? | metierwholesale.com

It's unbelievably easy to clarify - An ice bong is the same as a customary bong just it has been altered to fuse ice solid shapes into its chamber. That is it. Disclosed to you it was basic. 

Why Ice? 

In the very same manner you would add ice bong to a beverage to cool it; ice is added as far as possible up to the mouthpiece (contingent upon how you like it) to decrease the temperature of the smoke, giving you a lot cooler hit. This could be the smoothest hit you will at any point have in your life.( acrylic bong 12 inch

Water is as yet added to the bong for filtration and to help make a vacuum impact for you to get an appropriate hit from your spice. 

The water is there to guarantee you are as yet getting a separated and full seasoned hit. The ice is simply added to bring some relief from the cruelty of the smoke on your throat and cool that smoke waaaaaaay down. 

Which basically implies you can let tear and endure a gigantic shot easily while never agonizing over harming your throat. 

Some more imaginative clients have even been known to place the actual bong into the ice chest or cooler to cool the glass prior to enduring a shot. 

While we don't exhort this, in the event that you decided to do as such, kindly exercise alert. Ensure you don't place the bowl in the ice chest or cooler with the remainder of the bong. 

The additional warmth from our lighter will make the frozen bowl break because of the extreme change in temperature. 

There are a ton of awesome Ice Bongs to look over our site however here are only a few we figure you could possibly get a ton esteem from. 

Rock solid Measuring glass Bong 

Produced using unfathomably strong clinical evaluation borosilicate glass, the Better expectations Rock solid Container is a water pipe designed for ideal dampness molding. It has an impermeable seal which advances profound chugging, and guaranteeing water filtration. Also, the included ice form makes blocks which are entirely estimated for the Rock solid Measuring utencil. 

Added to that it's not difficult to keep the Hard core Container Bong in top condition since it accompanies an advantageous convey case that is strong and dependable. You can utilize it to store the bong during your movements or only for when you're not utilizing it. 

Better expectations Bong 

12" Container Bong with Ice Squeeze 

Made by Grav Labs, this Recepticle Bong is a really extraordinary piece of craftsmanship. Produced using borosilicate glass its particular shape could without much of a stretch detract from how imaginative the ice bong is. It includes a fixed downstem that will not forfeit any of the dissemination capacities. 

The ice-catcher of the bong has been brought down so it can bend over as a sprinkle watch, as well. Due to its arrangement you can drop ice shapes directly into the neck of the bong and afterward the smoke will simply float across the ice during each hit. 

It's characteristic to take a stab at better; some would even say it's solid. The longing for the better things in life is the explanation anybody gets to where they need to be. Where bongs are concerned, one of those better things is the Ice Bong. 

A huge update from its standard archetype, the Ice Bong is the following stage in the smoking transformative interaction. 

Numerous who attempt an Ice Bong interestingly depend on them, and infrequently return to customary bongs. It is a direct result of this nearly obsession encompassing the Ice Bong that we chose to devote an article to it. Percolator Glass Bong

After you read this, we're practically sure you will need to give one a shot! 

Lovely people, permit us to acquaint with you, the Ice Bong!



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