Buy Online Bongs & Ceramic Bongs at metierwholesale

Buy Online Bongs & Ceramic Bongs at metierwholesale

Why Ceramic Bongs?

When you buy ceramic bongs, you're merging the art and cannabis worlds during a seamless combination.
Smoking accessories are available all shapes, sizes, and types. Glass tends to dominate the bong category, leaving out one very special sort of artistry: ceramics. And though times paint ceramic hookah as more decorative, they need an upscale history within the cannabis world.

Rumor has it that ceramic bongs are often dated back over 3,000 years, with roots in Africa. it had been a widely used method of smoking long before glass was created, because of its various high-performing qualities.

Ceramic bongs are known to possess a high hardness, a high melting temperature, and a coffee conductivity. They also won't corrode, because they're inert. They're sturdy, heavy, ceramic hookah and performance at a high level. Safety-wise, they're made up of non-toxic materials and don't bleed any harmful vapors under high heat, both preserving taste and your body. ( 24 inch bongs )

The smoking experience is a stimulating blend too. It feels almost like glass, with a pure smoke vibe – smooth and funky . This could be because the ceramic glaze, in liquid form, is comprised of small beads of glass, before being applied to the clay. It's then thrown into a kiln, and melted to a sleek gloss, beginning a replacement product.

Additionally, modern artists have perfected the design; once you buy a ceramic bong, it's perfectly glazed and smooth, with no pores and sometimes complex or sleek designs. there is a lot of diversity in these products, as each may be a labor of affection . These creations are often colorful and may be melded into almost any shape. ( 14 inch bong )

The main concern to notice before buying ceramic bongs is that they're more breakable than silicone or plastic models. While sturdy, they're still a bit of pottery, and sometimes labeled as fragile by smokers – or best for special occasions. However, they're meant to be used, displayed, and admired as a show stopping centerpiece.


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