Do You Know These Things About Bongs?

Do You Know These Things About Bongs?

The ancient history of India shows that hookahs and The wholesaler of smoking accessories were an integral part of elite families. Even today they are part of modern Indian society. The only difference is back in time hookahs and bongs had 90% of tobacco and harmful substances. However, considering the attraction of youth towards hookahs and bongs the tobacco content is only 10% to 5%. If we believe archaeological pieces of evidence, the origin of bongs can be from Asia that is because China shows the history of several uses of cannabis etc. It might shock you but bong is derived from a hookah. It is a smaller and portable option, though modern technology has much more portable options to offer. People like bongs much more due to their sculpted shape and style. It makes their décor look vintage and aesthetic. 

Would you like to get wholesale bong suppliers for your business? 

If your answer is yes, you are in right place. Métier wholesale is based in Delhi, Ghazipur Block D near Ghazipur dairy farm. They are one of the best quality 14 inch bong in Delhi. They have different varieties of products like bongs, pocket hookahs, Hookah pipes, hookah pots, chillums, smoking cups etc. If you are The wholesaler of smoking accessories based out of Delhi, you need not worry. Métier wholesale is an online store that helps stores, restaurants, hotels, cafes that wants to add hookahs in their collection finding the best quality products. On the other hand, this online store is an easy-breezy find for wholesale headshop distributors. 

We bet you did not know how bongs work. 

The working bong is based on four core operations. These are the four major parts of bongs. 

  1. The Downstem (or Slide)
  2. The Bowl (or Pack)
  3. The Tube (or Body)
  4. The Percolator (or Percolators)

The smoke is first filtered by the help or downstream or slide. Smoke moves to the chamber of bongs. Inside the chamber, the smoke has to undergo a filtration process in percolators, ice catch. Once filtration is achieved the smoke reaches the mouthpiece and you are good to go.

Bongs are part of the ancient history of Asia. You don't have to be a crazy bong lover to have them. You can use them as a decorative showpiece for your home aesthetics. Metier wholesale is the best place to get the bongs in bulk. 


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