Metier Wholesale- Exclusive Dealer In Percolators And Bongs

Metier Wholesale- Exclusive Dealer In Percolators And Bongs


Metier Wholesale, an absolute quality provider, deals in different metals and related commodities glass pieces online like- hookah pipes, bone china cups, percolators, chillums, bongs, magnetic grinders with golf balls and acrylic bongs. 

All these fine quality manufactured products are available at affordable prices. Keeping in mind the requirements of the end consumers, products are designed to sustain for long without any disruption in quality.

What metier wholesale provides you?

  • Bongs- bongs, also recognised by their other name of water pipes, is used as a filtration device by tobacco or cannabis smokers. This device is even put into use while tackling some herbal substances. At the same time, this water pipe helps in giving a cool, creamy and smooth experience rather than harsh and strong. 

It helps eliminate the dry heat into the joints and lungs glass pieces online, thus preventing damage. The products offered under this category have different designs and are available at much lesser rates due to attractive discount schemes and offers as compared to other competitors dealing in this product category. 

Various models present include: 

Thirteen inches glass gong, 10 inches tall blue coloured honeycomb glass bongs, 10 inches ceramic sprayed coloured bong and many featured and coloured quality bongs.

  • Percolators- The unique served by percolators in the bongs consists of the reduction of splashing into one's mouth. It helps cool the smoke and brings an extra filtration effect to the smoke intake. They aim to provide these devices in different shapes, sizes and patterns. It helps create more bubbles when one hits to inhale in the smoke. 

A percolator serves to make the air inhaled more smooth, cooler and less irritating, which is anticipated as its best advantage. These percolators are available by us in the form of unique shapes and size like- 12 inches tall percolators with tree-shaped bongs acrylic percolators with 4*30cm dimensions.

  • Chillums- another good quality material made out of clays, offered at best offers with the least price tag is chillums. The sizes are available under this category range from 4-7cm, some with sorted two-piece sets while others with assorted pieces.
  • Hookahs- Most consumed product of today's generation youth which brings in satisfaction with style. A type of water pipe, either single-stemmed or multi-stemmed instrument to inhale in the effect of tobacco or nicotine. While hookah comes in different flavors,we aim to provide the best quality hookahs that would be used in continuation by the consumers. 

Even hookah comes in different sizes ranging from 8 to 14 inches considerably. It comes with different colors and patterns intrinsically desi, and a metal ash catcher and ceramic chillum for hookah bowl as secondary items.

Other exclusively designed items include- 

China bone mug se is made of strong bone china with 250 ml to hold. It is a smoking mug that greatly instills satisfaction among potential customers.

Pipes is the most intrinsically designed product with a unique size and pattern available at such low prices on our website. With different assorted colors come 10 inches long bracelet smoking pipes that are attractive to look at and carry. 

Other categories include 2.5 inches tall bullet copper smoking pipe, which resembles a gun bullet with assorted cool colors and many more interesting variants under this product category.

Wrapping up - 

Metier Wholesale aims to provide innovative products with distinctive designs and patterns that best fulfill their customer's needs. The customers even avail different discount offers to take away the best quality featured products.


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