Reasons why metier is the No. 1 wholesale bong supplier ever?

Reasons why metier is the No. 1 wholesale bong supplier ever?

Get the best premium quality bongs from the number 1 bongs supplier company, none other than Metier wholesale.

Bongs are the new trend in this generation, so why not make these bongs much better? We Metier are the best wholesales bong supplier of all over the market. We have the best and most premium collection of bongs with different varieties to let you have fun with your buddies.

So, let’s find out the reasons why Metier is the best wholesale bong supplier ever-

Why is Metier the best company for bongs?

Metier wholesale is the best company for bongs because we have different kinds of bongs with different colours, wholesales bong supplier shapes, and sizes that mesmerise our customers efficiently. You can buy bongs at affordable prices from Metier wholesale and let yourself have fun with these amazing varieties of bongs.

What are the different types of bongs Metier sells?

  • Glass bongs
  • Ceramic bongs 
  • Acrylic bongs
  1. Glass bongs- 

A glass bong is a variety of bongs that contains a bowl, stem, and water to make smoke. glass bong are usually made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Because of that, it allows the bongs to use again and again and heat exposure without breaking.

If you want customised bongs, high-quality smoking sessions, and maximum performance, then glass bongs should be your first choice. Glass bongs are far better than plastic bongs. So for your immense joy, Metier gives an amazing collection of glass bongs as it is the biggest acrylic bong 12 inch ever.

  1. Ceramic bongs- 

Ceramic bongs usually come with metal down stems and herb slides, making the ceramic bongs' durability even more. Although it’s not as unbreakable as a silicone bong, it's not going to break easily like glass bongs.

 If you love the shining and different shapes, you must go with ceramic bongs only because sometimes it comes with glaze also. 

Do you think that glaze will hit you? Then do not worry because the glaze used in making these bongs are safe. No matter how long you use Ceramic bongs, these are always safe.

  1. Acrylic bongs- 

Acrylic bongs are made up of plastic. It is much more affordable and safe to buy than glass bongs, but it is a little more expensive than any other bongs.

If you want durable and long-lasting bongs, we suggest acrylic bongs are the best fit for you. But, do you know that you can buy acrylic bongs at cheaper rates than glass bongs? Why? Come and shop with Metier because it is the best wholesale bong supplier.

And you know what, you can easily clean these acrylic bongs with hot water. You can take something like a pipe or bottle-scrub brush to clean these bongs very well without any hurdle. 

How do these bongs work?

As we know, bongs have come in different shapes and sizes. Some bongs are simple as they contain only a bowl and chamber. But if you go on wide varieties, you can see colourful, printed, and mouth-blown works of art.

The basic work of all bongs is the same: filter and cool the smoke that comes from the burning and hot herbs.

Bongs generally consist of a small bowl that holds dried leaves. When you light these dried leaves, it combusts. When you inhale, the water in the bottom of these bongs bubbles. The smoke rises because of the water and the chamber before entering your mouth and lungs.


We know that the bongs are the hotness of this generation, and Metier knows these very well. So, why don’t you visit Metier for the premium quality of bongs as you know that Metier is the best wholesale bong supplier across the world?


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