Wholesale suppliers of smoking verticals - Metier Wholesale.

Wholesale suppliers of smoking verticals - Metier Wholesale.

We, Metier Wholesale, are the ultimate manufacturer and leading suppliers of smoking verticals, smoke pipes and water pipes online. These products are provided at a much more affordable price up to ice bongs. Fair prices thus cater to customer needs and wants, which they seek to fulfil by attaining maximum satisfaction by procuring them.

We have joined in with the other supply chain of wholesalers to extend our products among different platforms and different retail outlets and firms that are still not updated about our leading market brand. Our availability in the wholesale vertical has led us to rise above all other competitive forces and reign individually with the smoke pipes and water pipes online and easily handled accessories.

How have we spread our reach with the effect of ice bongs?

To enable customers to feel our presence and allow them to buy, we provide a product substitute for ice bongs. 

  • Where regular bongs are not found with bulged pipes, ice bongs usually protrude as they are designed to protect the ice cubes from falling into the primary chamber of the bongs used. As per condition, if found ice in the room, it would take much longer to cool down as per normal circumstances it does so.
  • If the smoke has cooled down due to the ice available in the chamber, the smoother hits would be inhaled with much bigger hits than normal ones.
  • In the case of ice bongs, to get a proper fit, a tiny amount of water is added to the bong to create a vacuum effect, which helps in taking in the pure product of the herb inside.
  • The ice bongs we provide work more efficiently to filter the air, thus giving clear and smooth smoke hits. Better the smoke gets filtered more fresh and sound is the intake of smoke. 

Thus, ice bongs in different manufacturing designs and styles make customers feel attracted by the only model and then buy and explore its effect and experience by using it.

Acting as a shisha shop 

The word shisha is used as a smoke pipe used to inhale substances like- marijuana tobacco. The flexible stem is connected to the bowl of water or liquid from which smoke is drawn and cooled out.

We deal with a wide range of premium shisha flavours and supporting accessories that are primarily available at much-discounted prices, thus creating a different demand in the market. While shisha often consists of tobacco, it can also considerably combine fruit or molasses sugar, available in different outstanding flavours. These shisha, popularly known as hookah, are not expensive and thus superficial.

Availing glass pipes to customers in bulk

As we have already entered into a supply chain segment being serving as a wholesaler, we primarily provide our utmost efforts in making our customers feel the very presence of the product by effectively utilising it and making it a highly referenced product among customers and making them fall under the category of repeat and continuous purchase. In the same way, we come with Percolator Glass Bong to serve customers' purposes with practical construction and styling with perfect finishing and drafting.

How do we act as smoking novelties?

Being the producer and provider of unique and varying smoking accessories under an affordable price tag, we are also popularly known as smoking novelties. We aim to cater to consumer demand, get its raw materials supplied accordingly, and produce a significantly priceless product capable of withstanding thousands of available brand names.

Wrapping up 
Being identified as Buy cheap bongs online in terms of various smoking pipes, hookahs and related and detachable accessories, we, Metier wholesale bongs not only cater to customers needs in respect to premium quality products but also enable them to attain the highest satisfaction, which wouldn't influence them to adapt any other product as once quickly potential customers make use of our valued product he would be exposed to such insightful experience that will never lead him to other branded products available in this competitive industry.


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